Vision + Strategy = Magic

7 Figure Flipping

Bill Allen

"What you did for me and the company was nothing short of amazing. I have so much respect for you and you have a special place in my heart now and forever with how you supported me through the transition of this company."


Murdock Plumbing

Kari Murdock

Our work with DYM Media has been instrumental in the growth of our business. We began working with her when we were relatively new. We had a basic website and no way to track our customers.  She is aware of what it takes to scale your business so that your growth is planned and sustainable.  She learns a lot about the types of businesses she works with (plumbing in our case) and is a great sounding board as she thinks outside the box and has big visions for her clients.



Ashton Shanks

I want to give a special shout out to Ayries and her team. They were nothing short of amazing. They delivered great concepts onetime. We didn’t fully know what we needed or wanted and they guided us through the process where the end result was exactly what we were looking for. They did such a great job and if your thinking about using them DO IT!



Robert Kandell

I am a small business owner with enough experience that I (A) have enough skills to "get by" and (B) don’t know enough to have a professional looking website and social media presence. I needed someone who could come in, hear my goals, get my message, and translate it to the world. She wrangled all my thoughts, concepts, and vastly improved my Instagram feed, website and my overall platform. Grateful for her attention, manner and skills.


The Academy of Power

Ruben Flores

They were all good. Ayries was exceptional. At the time, we were looking for someone to help us with marketing strategy for our online courses. Everyone we spoke to took the time to try to understand our business; no one did it as thoroughly or thoughtfully as Ayries. Her joy was infectious and helped us rediscover a level of excitement about our own company and products that we'd lost. This alone led to a scope of work that left us feeling we would have a creative partner who took full ownership. Thanks to her vision, we tripled sales of online courses through a strategy that was much simpler, more cost effective, and more deeply aligned with our values.



Nora Kristensen

The DYM team has been instrumental in the growth and success of our business. We would not be where we are today without them.  We went from little known beach resort to international travel destination with influencers, fully booked rooms and, a synchronized, beautiful, and scalable brand image and a clear focused marketing strategy.


Flip Hacking Live

Vanessa Richey

We have worked with DYM Media for the last couple years and they are amazing! They rebranded our company, events graphics and did a phenomenal job. They are very easy to work, and capture your needs to create the best product that fits your overall theme and company style. They are very knowledgeable on overall media, branding techniques and really go above and beyond in their design talents.


The Enforcer

Glynn Borders

As a theater-maker, I highly recommend Ayries Blanck for anyone seeking a creative strategist for their marketing and branding needs. Her uplifting personality made her a joy to brainstorm with. She is honest and trustworthy and her quality of work makes her an asset for a growing company.