The Women's Firearm Academy teaches non-lethal forms of self-defense and comprehensive classes on firearms, gun safety, and Conceal Carry permitting for women and men.


This project required us to diplomatically walk party lines. The company is a nonpartisan organization that focuses on teaching non-lethal forms of self defense, comprehensive classes on firearms, gun safety, and conceal carry permitting to women. The brand needed to feel fresh, inviting, and trusting all wrapped into one comprehensive visual expression across digital and print mediums.


Brand Strategy + Messaging / Website Copywriting / Brand Identity Kit consisting of logos, color pallet, fonts, and icons / Custom  Website Development / Market and Relaunch Strategy


Through teaching women non-lethal and lethal forms of protection we give them sovereignty over their bodies, minds and life. We provide them with the tools to have agency over their choices and who they are in the world.


The bullseye logo does not hold any political affiliation or signify any particular type of firearm or hunting/shooting style. Paired with a bold typeface it created a versatile yet memorable design suitable to their audience. 

The original purple of the brand was modernized and paired with orange for  CTAs and grained textures bringing the “flat” early 90’s feeling of the original logo to vibrant 3 dimensional, tactile colors easily used on digital and print mediums.

To accompany the updated colors and logo system we worked with them to carefully craft a message that was inviting to any woman of any political view.

Messaging and vision for a hot political topic

We created an empowering message with a specific focus on survivors of abuse and assault that was not about “gun rights” and who should or shouldn't own a gun, but about helping women own their strength and harness their power to live with confidence and without fear.