The Permaculture Academy teaches live courses on sustainable urban and rural landscape design. The methodology was founded over 50 years ago and has slowly gained prominence in the environmental and sustainability industry. As it grows, so does its need to keep up with technological innovation and meet its students where they are searching for information.


In a growing field the Permaculture Academy needed to distinguish and position themselves as the market leader and highlight the founders rebel roots within the industry as one of the original “god fathers” of Permaculture. This land based practice needed to go digital to meet their students where they were and transition into the future.


Logo + identity Kit / Minor Website Update / Promotional + Educational Video Content Creation / Custom Photo Shoot / Instagram Branding & Growth


Wanting the Identity to focus heavily on the visual storytelling we crafted a simple and clear brandmark that felt fun and professional. The signature orange brings out an edge of energy and movement and paired with the green found in most of their imagery it popped. 

Visual Elements

We included a series of custom visual elements such as leafs, tree branches, flowers, garden tools, along with texturizing patterns that added a feeling of earthy wholesomeness to social media content and print materials.

Videography storytelling

We storyboarded, filmed, and edited a series of visually compelling videos over a series of months of students going through the live classes and working on local projects. We wanted to capture the revolutionary and transformative spirit of permaculture with our boots on the ground and our hands in the mud so prospective students got a hands on, immersive experience of what it was like to be part of the Permaculture revolution.