PurePets is a holistic pet subscription company founded as an alternative to Bark Box and other market leaders. PurePets takes pride in its curated selection of supplements, treats, and training tools that go beyond cheap toys and ‘throw away’ gimmicks. Geared specifically toward your pet’s age and needs, PurePets offers a range of tools that  benefit your pet in every stage of their life alongside real vet advice.


Through extensive market research we found that there are usually two types of subscription boxes. Large commercial competitors (bark box for example) that only do treats and toys. The second series of subscription boxes lacked a clear brand identity, market proposition and felt more like drop shipping companies than a real place to get high quality pet supplies.


Brand Strategy / Mission and Voice / Identity Design / Packaging and Box design

Designed to be the “Pet box you actually use” each monthly box includes supplements, treats, and training tools. PurePets believes in quality and meeting customer needs. Aiming to be a best friend, guide, and trusted confidant moving beyond just supplying toys and treats into helping pet owners have the best, healthiest, and happiest life they could with their furry friends.


Simple, Clean and easy to read for all print needs. The naming process settled on PurePets - as the name suggests the company focused on create a lifestyle of healthy stress free living.

Our goal with PurePets was to create a brand that was fun and fresh while also exuding high end services, trust, and everything a down to earth pet owner would need. Their identity needed to be diverse and expansive fitting on everything from packaging labels, shipment boxes, to social media and swag.