Patrol Shack found its beginnings as an idea, a vision birthed by founders John Cameron and Eric Miller as they sat in a patrol outpost high on the Continental Divide. Ultimately, they wanted to create a home for the epic stories that are passed down through patrol lore on mountains across Colorado. 

So when Eric and John came to us needing a brand Identity to launch a series of products that would be used to raise money for educational programs, avalanche rescue dog training, and other winter sport related needs we were excited and humbled at the prospect of working closely with an organization on the forefront of global conservation efforts, that has transformed the lives of millions of individuals worldwide.


The goal from the start was to create something that looked forward to the future and attracted the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts while also giving a nod to the past and where the industry had come from. With this there was the added challenge of the label and packaging  had already been created and the overarching identity had to bring the two together in a cohesive way.


Brand Identity / Brand Strategy / Tagline / Packaging / Social Media Guidelines & Content / Clothing, Accessory, and Stationary Design

A Little bit of History For You…

The Patrol Shack’s roots run deep, informed by early connections to the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division. They uphold the rich heritage of the valiant men and women of the country’s first mountain warfare unit, the only unit of its size to specialize in mountainous arctic conditions. From these men and women, the outdoor industry as we know it was born and their legacy continues to inspire us.

Our work was a delicate balance between the traditional and modern, professional and the rebellious, the young and the old.


The Patrol Shack logo, like its guiding mission, was designed to transcend time and space, to connect the past with the present and build a bridge for future generations.  A wordmark with a custom typeface that blends classic Bavarian and traditional ale typefaces, the logo is unique yet traditional, and easily adaptable to the modern demands of print + digital mediums. 

With its clean wordmark and square shape, the logo fits fluidly wherever needed. The signature cross is reminiscent of not only the 10th Mountain Division, but modern-day ski patrollers and rescue workers who also use this four-sided cross.

Tagline and Mission Anchoring

We started by first crafting a clear mission and tagline -For Your Next Adventure - to ground all visual representations in a common voice and vision. We then expanded that to a series of typographical and iconographic expressions pulled from historical examples of America's early ski resorts and bavarian traditional text. From this logotype and our favorite furry friends (the unsung heroes of the mountains), The Avy Dog Patrol Pack was born.

Avy Dogs

The Patrol Pack is 5 different dogs,often used for search and rescue (and one small but mighty friend), represented on clothing, social media, and overall digital and print identities. They are designed alongside a series of custom icons to give ‘the pack’ an endless landscape to play upon indigital and print mediums.

Their first products, online swag, a home brewed “Avy Dog Ale,” and a series of fresh roasted coffees, were the first of many products to be launched.

The additional elements are designed to add fun and playfulness to the Patrol Shack brand. They may be combined to create scene as well as with words, quotes, and other images.