Murdock Plumbing, owned by family duo Jon and Kari Murdock, were looking to bring their hometown Montana plumbing company into the 21st century. They wanted to revamp their company to attract enough work to hire new employees so that Jon could step back from the company and focus on their family.


The Murdocks came to us for a Guidance in “everything digital” from branding, to website development, to strategy and promotion. Being forward thinking they knew that plumbing is a crowded market and they need to stand out by leveraging the fact that most of their competitions’ online presence was still non-existent or out of date. To move into the future they would need to capture the up and coming digitally native market of young homeowners.


Branding Strategy / Logo + Icon / Brand Messaging / Custom Photoshoot / Website Development / Promotional Video / Review Gathering System Setup / Customer Loyalty and Membership Program Created


The signature water drop takes an overused plumbing motif and recreates it in a fresh contemporary fashion that easily translates across all marketing platforms. The yellow- draws the eye in and creates a popping sensation unique from the often overused blues, greens, and grays of most plumbing companies.

Brand Strategy and Mission

Murdock plumbing needed to stick out. Plumbing is full of overused tropes, images of pipes and faucets, and a public mistrust of “dirty plumbers” overcharging them.

We wanted a company that was not only modern but held onto its “hometown feel” building a deep and integrated sense of family values and integrity. The overall visual identity and messaging needed to help expel the image of the dirty uneducated plumber and foster customer loyalty and a strong word of mouth referral system.