Keniza Beach Resort was a project taken on by its owner in hopes of turning the little known beach resort into a world class destination for young adventure seekers. With no experience in digital marketing or hotel branding she turned to DYM Media and our team to forge a path forward hoping to turn her “lemon” into lemonade.


A brand strategy that distinguishes Keniza from the rest of their sleepy, beige and sage colored neighbors and to tell their fun and exciting story of adventure and cultural immersion.


Brand Strategy + Market positioning / Brand Identity- logo, icon, color pallet, fonts / Custom On Site Photography / Custom Promotional Videos / Environmental Design / Art Collaboration / Instagram Growth / Content Creation / Mobile Responsive Website Development / Influencer Promotional Program

To accompany this strategy a  visual brand exemplifying their unique murals and “beach house vibe” that inspires and excites their audience while demonstrating the experience of sophisticated leisure. 

We needed to forage a clear path forward through a confusing digital world.


The main font for Keniza’s Logo is Cocogoose. It is a loud font that has sleek curves like the waves crashing wrapping up and around the sandy shore. The signature bird and icon is perched atop the Z. The Signature bird matches the large mural outside the front of the hotel that greets guests upon arrival creating a moment of brand recognition from social media to walking through hotel doors. It is used across social media and other print platforms as well as a stand alone icon for Keniza Perched atop the K.

Laid back Luxury at its finest

For the digital presence the identity had to feel like it pulled us in and jumped off the page. The  pallet was drawn from the the murals and classic Mexican-Mayan in your face color explosions  and vibrant hues while 3D water droplets, a custom jungle leaf pattern, and a signature flower created the feeling of movement across the screen bringing the jungle and caribbean onto the desktop and into our guests home.