Carpentry Creative provides timeless, innovative custom furniture and home remodels. It’s main markets are high-end luxury homes and commercial construction.


The company was growing at a rapid pace and needed an identity that reflected the luxury aesthetic and the professionalism the market desired, placing Carpentry Creative apart from its more basic general contracting and construction counterparts.


Brand Strategy / Visual Brand Identity / Mission and Purpose / Identity Guidelines / Content Marketing Strategy / Website UX Design


The Icon that also functions as the custom Stamp, is modeled off the artistic swoops and swirls that often accompanies mid century design. The C is subtly incorporated into the icon, hiding their company double C in plain sight. 

For Carpentry Creative we brought forth the expansive history of baroque and mid century furniture aesthetic and gave it a modern twist. The color pallet along with graphic treatments provides the company with a spectrum of options for social media content, print, and vinyl mediums.