CareersKitchen is a digital career guidance company that enables students and early professionals to feel empowered in directing their future as they progress towards a purposeful career. This company requested an updated identity for their software and full program launch.


They were looking for something vibrant and engaging that matched their targeted market of young professionals while maintaining a distinctly elegant professionalism that would solidify them as industry leaders and an innovative new startup to watch out for.


Brand Strategy / Mission and Voice / Process Diagram / Visual Brand Identity / Photography guidelines


The CareersKitchen logo is a multi use system that includes an icon, wordmark, and brandmark. The Iconic design borrowed from the story behind the name. Careers Kitchen,a place where we come together bringing our unique ingredients, and with the right touch of love and guidance, a delicious and nutritious meal can be created. 

The CK when turned upside down becomes a table the community can gather around.

When the C is flipped down it becomes a mixing bowl filled with ingredients.

And when rotated 180 degrees, it becomes an arrow that moves and pushes us forward into our future.

Fonts, Graphics, and all the fun stuff

The photography and color style was designed to dance across social media and print mediums with a quirky, playful stride helping the brand become more relatable. With unique bright collages, funky street art, and meme worthy quotes, CareersKitchen is fun, dynamic, and relevant to each fresh generation of job seekers.

The font Bravura Hand Painted was added to provide a playful splash of life across social media, swag, and other print/digital mediums. 

Being at the forefront of innovation in the field of career guidance, we decided to craft a new language around understanding the problems and solutions their ideal customers face through a series of diagrams, web interfaces, and social media content.